What is Super Soccer 8?

Super Soccer 8 is 8-a-side soccer featuring 8 franchise teams competing over 9-weekend stages of an action-packed season, employing a points system at each stage to determine the ultimate champion of Super Soccer 8.

With every stage, you’ll be transported to a different city, immersed in its unique culture, and feel the pulse of soccer like never before., offering an unparalleled experience for both players and fans.

Super Soccer 8 kicks off in November 2025!

About SS8

Mission Statement

Our mission at Super Soccer 8 is to create an unparalleled, entertaining, and competitive experience — turning the cherished dreams of devoted fans into reality as they witness their superstar idols proudly representing their home teams. Super Soccer 8 festival aims to be more than just a soccer event; in each host city, we will ignite tourism while honouring the diverse heritage, traditions, and attractions.


Our vision is to emerge as the leading global football festival that celebrates unity while also delivering excitement, joy, and the electric atmosphere of fully packed stadiums to your home. We aspire to further connections, inspire excellence, and showcase the cultural riches of our host cities, all with the aim of encouraging the generations to come.


Our objective is to establish Super Soccer 8 as the leading circuit sports brand by achieving record levels of revenue, audience engagement, and sponsorships by the year 2040. By 2038, we aim to expand our presence to 16 host cities, each with its own franchise team, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards becoming a dominant force in the sports industry.


  • Unity: Soccer transcends borders, languages, and cultures, fostering a global community.
  • Excellence: We strive for excellence in every aspect of our festival, from the quality of play on the field to the experiences offered to fans, sponsors and participants.
  • Diversity: We embrace diversity as a source of strength, celebrating the rich tapestry of cultures that make up our global soccer family.
  • Respect: Treat all individuals, whether they are players, fans, or members of the communities we visit, with the utmost respect and consideration.
  • Sustainability: Minimising environmental impact and leaving a positive legacy for host cities and their communities.
  • Innovation: Continuously seek innovative ways to enhance soccer excitement.
  • Community Engagement: Actively engage with and give back to the communities we visit, striving to create positive social change through the love of soccer.
  • Inclusivity: Make soccer accessible to all, regardless of background, gender, age, or ability, promoting inclusivity within the sport.

Management Team

Manjeet Brar

Managing Director

Jordan Sun


Jimmy Chan


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Email : info@supersoccer8.com

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